Before you do anything, download and read the By-Laws. They have changed.


·         Your job as captain of your team is to make sure scoresheets and other paperwork is filled out properly not only in regular night play but also during the playoffs and any other higher level play your team may be participating in. 2 of the bonus points you receive are based on the scoresheet being properly filled out. This includes playoffs and bonus points will not be awarded if scoresheets are not filled out completely, including the playoffs. You are also responsible for the money in the packet being correct. Also, a responsibility that is often overlooked is making sure your team members are having a good time and enjoying themselves during their night out. This is vital in order to keep the league strong and enjoyable for everyone.

·         The number one goal for this league is to have fun and always show sportsmanship during the matches. Make it a team rule to always do the right thing, play honest and to the best of the player’s ability. Tell your players not to worry about the handicaps, just play to the best of their ability that night and have a good time and the Skill Level will take care of itself.

·         Show respect to your opponent. Remember, most people are honest and will do the right thing. In most cases a player will tell you it’s ball in hand after a foul before you even ask them. Also keep in mind, almost all the time when there is a disagreement over a questionable hit both players believe in their hearts that they saw it the way they are telling it. Very seldom does someone purposely not tell the truth. Obviously though, one of them saw it wrong. In almost every case the shooter has the best angle to see the shot. If you do not call someone to watch the hit, the shooter makes the call. You always have the right to ask if a shot was a good hit or not, but take the shooters word for it. If you are the shooter, don’t lie about it just because it’s your call. If you didn’t see it, then your opponent might be right and don’t be afraid to give him ball in hand. What goes around, comes around. Good sportsmanship is always rewarded and players with no scruples always get theirs in the end.

·         Matches always belong to the two players at the table. Let them settle issues on their own whenever possible.

·         Know the rules and the by-Laws. Don’t confuse other league’s rules with ours. Don’t let any of your players argue about a rule if they don’t know the actual rule. Call someone if you don’t know, but remember, if you know the rules better than your opponents you will have a big advantage over them.

·         Always be aware of your player’s status on the team. Make sure if a player is on track to win top gun that they get the plays necessary to help them. Know where your team is in the standings. Make sure your players will have enough plays in for Playoffs, Tri-Cities and Cities.

·         Make sure that you are opening emails from us. You are the ‘Go To’ person on your team and you should always know what’s going on in the league.

·         Have contact information for all your players and make sure they have your information.

·         Know your division representative’s and his/her phone number. They should be your first contact if you have a question.

·         Check the schedule on the website often, especially the first few weeks of the session for changes. Teams are often added and dropped early in the session and the schedule can change.

·         Teams have the option of allowing their opponent to go over 23 if they want to, but there is never an instance that you have to let a team break this rule.

·         Make sure you read the ‘Player’s Checklist’ also.

·        If you do not understand any of this Please ask now!