All APA players have the right to play on a local qualifier board (provided they meet the requirements) for a chance to go to Las Vegas to play in the Single championships. Don't pass up your chance to play in a major tournament in Las Vegas as an individual, and have it paid for by APA.

A Champion in Each Tier

8-Ball Classic
1st Place in each tier wins $15,000!

Blue Tier

Skill Levels 2–3

Yellow Tier

Skill Level 4

Red Tier

Skill Level 5

Orange Tier

Skill Level 6

Purple Tier

Skill Level 7

9-Ball Shootout
1st Place in each tier wins $10,000! 

Green Tier

Skill Levels 1–3

White Tier

Skill Levels 4–5

Gray Tier (new!)

Skill Levels 6–7

Black Tier

Skill Levels 8–9


*Paid lodging based on single occupancy and travel assistance
**Over $600,000 Cash and Prizes. 
***Entry starts at $20 per person, based on an 8-person board. Boards with less than 8 people will vary in cost ($22 to $40 per person).
If you are a Skill Level 1, 2 or 3 and not playing on Local Qualifier Boards, you are missing out on a chance in a lifetime. You will not be a lower skill level forever. Now is the time to take advantage of the extremely good odds of qualifying to play in Vegas for the lower skill level players.


The Local Qualifier Boards are run periodically here in the Phoenix area. They are a single elimination type of ‘Mini Tournament’ with between 4 and 8 players on each board. Whenever possible, you play someone of your own skill level.  We run both 8 ball and 9 ball boards so you can qualify in either or both formats.
Every APA player who has 10 matches recorded for lifetime in the APA can play on a single qualifier board.
Cost of the Qualifier Boards is $128 per board and we have two ways of paying for them.
1.       The Guaranteed Board – The winner of the board pays the $128. You would pay $20 unrefundable down payment and the balance within 30 days. Players that do not win pay nothing, so you can play as often as you like until you win.
2.       The Conventional Board – The cost of the board is divided by the number of players on it. In other words, if there are 6 players playing, each player would pay $22 ($128 divided by 6 players). These boards must be paid up front.
There will also be a $5 green fee for each player that covers the cost of the pool table.
Anyone interested in playing in the Singles Qualifier Program should contact
Doug or Gina Nowlin at 602-920-9192 or 602-920-9193

to Pre-register for a board.



 The APA 8-Ball Classic             The APA 9-Ball Shootout
The APA 8-Ball Doubles Championship               The APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship 
 The APA Wheelchair Championship              The APA MiniMania Tournaments