Before you do anything, download and read the By-Laws. They have changed.

·       The number one goal for this league is to have fun and always show sportsmanship during the matches. Make it a team rule to always do the right thing, play honest and to the best of your abilities. If you foul, give up ball in hand. If your opponent says he did not foul, take him at his word if you didn’t have someone watch the hit. Never let it turn into an argument, It’s not worth it. If you think someone is not being honest with what they are saying, remember, Karma will come back to ‘bite em’. It always does!

·       Know the rules and the by-Laws. They are both posted on the website. If you haven’t read the APA rule book then you shouldn’t argue with someone about a rule. Our division reps know the rules and their phone numbers are listed on the scoresheets. Call them. That’s what they are there for. Call the League Operators. Their phones are on until 11 pm.

·       Make sure when you go to the website you are on the ‘Local’ website ( We have posted many things there that you will not see when you go to ‘Member Services’.

·       Open your emails from APA Phoenix Metro. It contains info that’s important to you locally. We send out a new email every other week or so with info about upcoming events and changes that are being made.

·       To be eligible for the ‘Top Gun’ award, you must play at least 50% of the matches in a session. The Top Gun program is listed in our By-Laws.

·       You must play 4 matches during a session to be eligible to play in playoffs. 

·       6 lifetime matches are required to play with your team in Tri-Cities. You do not have to be active in the new session to play in Tri-Cities.

·        10 lifetime matches are required to play with your team in Cities.  Remember, you must be active on any roster to play in Cities.

·       Scorekeeping bonus points are always added at the end of the 12th week of each session. Info for the clinics are posted on the website under ‘Scorekeeping Clinics.

·       Through week 10 of the session, you must let your opponent play someone twice if they show up to the match with 4 or less players.

·       Any player who attends an APA event on league night is entitled to a makeup match for that night as long as they notify their opponent before the scheduled match. Makeup matches should be done before you leave for the event or at least within 2 weeks after the match was scheduled and must be done before the last week of session.

·     If you do not understand any of this Please ask now!