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 This is the opportunity for anyone to put their own 3 person team together and play in a major tournament in Las Vegas! Over 300 teams compete for cash and trophies from Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico!

      The Southwest Challenge is held twice a year (8 Ball is held in the spring and 9 Ball is played in the Fall) and brings together members from many different APA League areas in the Southwestern United States.  Teams of three meet at the Riviera Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada for a weekend of fun and competition. 
      The main event is a three-person 8-Ball tournament, which features a unique "rotating roster" format.  The requirements for a legal team are as follows:
  •   Maximum combined skill level at entry is 14
  •   Only one skill level six or seven per team
  •   ALL skill level two players allowed, male or female
  •   Each player must be on an 8-Ball or 9-Ball team
  •   Each player must have at least ten scores in 8-Ball in the last 2 years
    Every round is a race to two matches. Each team must declare their shooting order prior to entry into the tournament.  Throughout the event, the teams must rotate through their rosters, maintaining the shooting order as the tournament progresses. This format guarantees each player an equal opportunity to play, and forces teams to rely on their novice teammates to help them advance.  It also creates some interesting match-ups with often-surprising results!
   In addition to the main event, players can enter mini tournaments around the clock.  The minis take many different forms, some for lower-skilled players only, some for higher-skilled players only, some open, some doubles, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, or whatever else can be invented.  Each mini tournament features an entry fee of ten to twenty dollars and a field of eight or sixteen players, with 100% payback of all entry fees.  Minis are open to all current APA members, not just those participating in the main event!