The APA 8-Ball Doubles Championship
 New Session Begins Monday, March 20th @ 6:30 PM

This is a fun division that qualifies the winning team at the end of the session to Play in the 8 Ball Scotch Doubles Championship during the APA National Poolplayer championships in early May at the Westgate Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The format is Scotch Doubles or ‘alternate shot’ between the two players on each team. Teams can consist of any gender combination and any skill level combination but the combined max team skill level is 10. Teams must start the division at that 10-handicap level but can move up in skill level throughout the session. Play is every other Monday night at Main Street Billiards on the Bar Box Diamond Tables. Play begins at 6:30 PM and the team matches usually take about 2 ½ hours to finish. The two players will each play a singles match with their opponent and then they play a scotch doubles match using a special race chart. The cost to play in the division is $25 per team that includes 2 single matches, the main scotch doubles match and the table fees.  Playoff at the end of session determines the winning team that will represent Phoenix in the National event.


Alternate Shot.

One coach per team per game (Doubles).

Any combination of male/female team.

Team skill level max is 10 to start. Teams can go up to 12 after the session has started.

Can have 4 players on the roster but the original 2 players designated the first time the team plays is the two players that go to the National Championship.

8 Ball singles matches follow regular league night play using the 3-point scoring system. Doubles match is double points, meaning 6 points available.

Bye points and team forfeits are a total of 8 points. Individual forfeits are 2-0 in regular session and 3-0 in playoffs and scotch doubles match is 4-0 in regular and 6-0 in playoffs.

Players may not be in the 9 Ball Shootout (9 Ball Single finalist).

Players must have 20 eight ball matches in their APA history at the end of session. New players joining APA must start this division in the first 4 weeks to get their 20 matches in by session end unless they also join a regular 5 person 8 ball team.


Rules for this division are covered in the Official Team Manual on pages 78 and 79.