The APA Jack and Jill Championship 

Known as Friday Night Date Night

            This is by far one of our most fun divisions. Everyone in this division is committed to just having fun. Yes, there is a lot at stake with the Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles Championship on the line, but all the participants in this division look at Friday night as their fun night out to spend time with their significant other and their friends. In fact, everyone who plays here is so lighthearted that they have made it a requirement to be so to belong to this division. They have come up with their own phrase when someone is too serious: ‘You CAN BE voted off the Island if you don’t lighten up!’ We all just have a great time.

            This division plays every Friday night at Stingers beginning at 7:00 PM. The teams consist of one male and one female. It can be husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister or just two good friends. The matches start out with the girls playing each other to a regular 8 ball race, then the guys will play each other. Those matches are scored under the 3-point scoring system. Then they play a scotch doubles match with a specially designed race to games won. Winners of that match receive 5 points. The Summer and Fall session are just for Trophies and the Spring Session determines the team that goes to Vegas to play in the Jack & Jill Championship in August.


Alternate Shot.

One coach per team per game (Doubles).

The 2 players must be a male and a female.

Team skill level max is 10 to qualify to go to the National event.  Teams are allowed to come in at a higher skill level but cannot play for the Vegas championship. Teams over the 10 handicap will also play at an adjusted race.

Teams can have 4 players on the roster. If a team has more than 2 players, 2 are selected at the beginning of the Spring Session to be designated to play in the J&J National Championship. 

8 Ball singles matches follow regular league night play using the 3-point scoring system. Doubles match is worth 5 points

Bye points and team forfeits are a total of 8 points. Individual forfeits are 2-0 in regular session and 3-0 in playoffs.

Players must have 20 eight ball matches in their APA history to play in the national event.